Lab Infrastructure

The department laboratories has well equipped with high-end software to help students familiarize themselves with new technology.

Analog Electronics / Logic Design Lab:

Analog Electronics lab is well equipped with the latest signal generator, oscilloscopes, digital trainer kits, measuring instruments, Dual power supplies, and various types of active and passive components.

Microprocessor Lab:

Microprocessor Lab include TASM software and Interfacing kits like DAC, Stepper Motor, DC motor, ADC, Keyboard, 7-Segment Display, LDR as well as Logic Controller.

ARM Microcontroller and Embedded system Lab:

ARM lab helps the students to enhance their knowledge in Keil vision software and the interfacing with other equipment like DC motor, Stepper Motor, DAC, ADC, External Interrupt, 7-Segment LED Display etc.
Digital Signal Processing Lab: Area (103.788 sqmts )

DSP lab is equipped with LCD projects and PCs to accommodate student strength of 40. The students can enrich their knowledge by using software like MATLAB 2007 and Code composer studio V3.0 and V5.0. Lab is also equipped with Digital storage oscilloscope, Signal generator, TMS 320c5416-32bit fixed-point processor and TMS 320C6713-32 bit floating point.

AC + LIC Lab:

Lab consist of Linear and digital IC Trainer kits, Function generator/ Generator AM/FM Modulation, DSP upto 100MHz, Power supplies, Signal Generator and CRO.

Advanced Communication Lab:

Communication lab equipped with microwave test bench with antenna setup [Horn], wave guide, Gunn diode setup, Microstrip yagi, dipole, patch antennas, Modulation kits DPSK, QPSK and Fiber Optical trainer kit.

CCN Lab:

Student enhance their knowledge in C-complier and NS-2 software in CCN lab


VLSI laboratory is equipped with Virtex boards, FPGA board and CPLD board. The students enrich their knowledge by using software tools like cadence and Xilinx series.