The department possesses up to date equipment and software packages to deep the students abreast with the latest trends and requirements of the ever changing industrial environment


The department has well equipped labs affording students practical experiences in handling machines and theoretical know how.
Electrical Machines Lab: Include AC/DC generator and motors, inductions and synchronous motors, transformers, DC regulator.
Microcontroller Lab : a full fledged microcontroller lab , it offers interaction with 8051 model.
Electrical Measurement lab: Equipped with latest technologies in electrical energy measurement and instrumentation such as kelvin bridges, flux meter, universal measuring bridges, energy meter and digital RMS meters
Electrical Circuits lab : Theorem simulator kits , CROs, signal generators etc are used.
High voltage lab: study of high voltage systems, stress analysis on transmission lines etc is carried out using latest voltage testing and measuring equipment
Power electronics lab: Experiments involving study of SCRs, chopper and inverter circuits etc are taken up. study of electric drives and speed control of motor are taken up
Controls Lab: Practical exercises on analysis of DC servomotors, feedback mechanisms, stepper motors are taken up
Power system simulation / pspice lab: The lab houses software for load flow studies, fault analysis , steady state and transient state stability studies, optimality of performance study, system interconnection and their computer simulation etc.
AEC/DEC Labs: study of characteristics of transistors, diodes, FET,MOSFET,CMOS, and opamps are taken up. Realization of flip-flops, counters, multiplexers, demultiplexers, encoder,, decoder, ADC/DAC, multivibrators etc. are done.
MATLAB : Knowledge about various signals & system softwares are obtained.
Some important projects done by electrical students :
Power system in bangalore city (KEB)
Long range Single Phase Electronic Energy meter (BHEL)
Communication Modem for the Protection Relay (ABB)
Airborne Encoder Decoder Simulator (ADE)
Application of Genetic Algorithm in Power Systems (CPRI)
Study of Ion Migration and Thermal Runaway of DC Insulators (CPRI)
Control and monitoring system Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (ABB)
Evaluation of Digital Distance Relaying Algorithms (CPRI)
Microprocessor based governing of prime movers & PLC based controlled conveyor (KIRLOSKAR)

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