Machines: AC/DC machines ,Generalized machine theory , special machines, solid state control , Traction , Electrical Machine Design.
Power System: Power Generation , transmission & Distribution ,Power System & stability ,HVDC, Power Electronics and Illumination.
Electronics:Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics , Electronics instrumentation ,Microcontrollers, Microprocessors , DSP, AI, Switching & Finite Automata, Neural Networks.
Computers : C/C++, Java & internet programming, CCN, Computer Application to Power Systems, Computer Organization.
Controls: Linear control Systems, Advanced control systems, Fuzzy logic control systems.
Affiliations to technical forums like IEEE and IEE enhance upon the technical knowledge of the students. Over the years students have particitated in the events organized by various formus. In the process students keep themselves updated with the latest developments all over the world with IEEE and IEE journals.

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