About Us

About Department


Imparting Quality Education to achieve Academic Excellence in Electronics and Communication Engineering for Global Competent Engineers.


• Create state of art infrastructure for quality education.
• Nurture innovative concepts and problem solving skills.
• Delivering Professional Engineers to meet the societal needs


1. Prepare graduates to be professionals, Practicing engineers and entrepreneurs in the field of Electronics and communication.
2. To acquire sufficient knowledge base for innovative techniques in design and development of tools and systems.
3. Capable of competing globally in multidisciplinary field.
4. Achieve personal and professional success with awareness and commitment to ethical and social responsibilities as an individual as well as a team.
5. Graduates will maintain and improve technical competence through continuous learning process.

Program specific outcomes

PSO1: Core Engineering: The graduates will be able to apply the principles of Electronics and Communication in core areas.

PSO2: Soft Skills: An ability to use latest hardware and software tools in Electronics and Communication engineering.

PSO3: Successful Career: Preparing Graduates to satisfy industrial needs and pursue higher studies with social-awareness and universal moral values.